Monday, October 27, 2008


Today I am taking a challenge from Two Writing Teachers and writing about a small moment. We have our kiddos do this all the time in writers workshop and I feel it is important for us as writing teachers and coaches to do the same work our students are doing.

It was a hot August day, but the weather didn't matter to me on this day. The sun was shining, but that didn't matter either. All I could think about was Biscuit. He had been in my life for 15 years and a big part of my life. I had him longer than I had been married, so he had been a primary male in our family. Being a shelter dog didn't matter to me, he was perfect.

He had been slowly losing control of many of the things I had always taken for granted. He couldn't get up to walk or go from one spot to another. He wouldn't eat, even when I brought him hamburgers from McDonalds and hand fed him. I knew the end was today and I had to face it.

Fortunately, our vet was a personal friend and knew what I was going through. We called him and he came to the house. Biscuit was laying in the front yard breathing slowly. I sat beside him and stroked his head. "It will be okay soon, boy," I sobbed. Dave, the vet, came over and petted him, too. DD, Todd, my mom and a neighbor were all there for the event. We were all sobbing.

It didn't take long, not really, but it seemed like forever. When it was over, I knew we had done the right thing. Dave even said we did. Still losing a best friend is always tough and this was no exception. We will always remember the special times with this big guy and carry his memory and stories with us. Still, losing a best friend is hard!


Anonymous said...

What a hard thing to have to do!

Stacey said...

So glad you joined us today. Keep coming back!

BK said...

A truly universal moment that we still suffer through no matter what we do,

Soren said...

Wow, what timing Kathy. We know whjat you went through. It was a hard day yesterday, but we know it the right thing to do.