Thursday, October 16, 2008


Yesterday I was in a new school for me this year. When that happens it is always hard to get into the classrooms and work with teachers. They are hesitant to invite a stranger into their domain. They need to feel safe first. I understand that completely. Because of that I did not have many offers to work with teachers the last few days there.

However, there was one second grade teacher who had been a facilitator and understood my dilemma. She invited me in to watch her and offer suggestions. Second grade is my favorite since I taught that level for so many years. It is like going back home when I enter those rooms. So, I was really looking forward to my visit. I wasn't disappointed. I had so much fun pulling up beside those kiddos as they were reading their books. We had some great discussions.

After the class, the teacher and I had time to talk over lunch. We talked about all kinds of second grade things. I brought in ideas from when I was in the classroom along with new things I had been trying with other teachers. I mentioned that my class back in Hamilton had done a certain thing. The other teacher was amazed. Not at what I had done, but at the fact I had taught in Hamilton. Now it just so happened that she had started her teaching in Hamilton.

I couldn't believe it. I was sure I must have been there when that happened, but I didn't remember her. How could that be, Hamilton is NOT that big? You have to know everyone K-12 when you teach there. Finally, I asked her what her name was then. When she told me I was shocked. I said, "No WAY!" She still looked confused because she didn't remember me either. When I told her what my name was back then she shouted, "NO WAY!" We had been friends thirty years ago. We talked and talked about mutual friends and people we both had taught with. Then she said, "Well, no wonder we had a connection right away. We have been friends for a LONG time!"

I am so glad I found her again. It is like discovering a new secret. What a joy it will be to team up with her and work with those second graders and my new/old friend!!!

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