Saturday, January 5, 2008

What Do You Think?

Last Saturday we traveled to the big city of Fort Wayne in search of a big purchase for us. We decided we were going to take the plunge and get a t.v. for the living room. I am not so much a t.v. watcher. The big D isn't really either. We are Sports, News and Weather sort of people. I must admit, I did get hooked on Dancing With The Stars this year though.

So, why the new t.v.? We have found that we like staying on the ground floor and not making the trek to the basement to watch our family t.v. therefore, another one. The basement will be turned into a full-time gym and exercise area with that t.v. for videos and DVD's and a place to get away.

We made the purchase, traveled home with it in the blazer and sat it up the next day. Now the problem is, our cable is on the opposite wall. So, instead of watching the new television in all it's glory we simply watched the blank, dark screen and pretended. Today the electrician is to come and drop a wire down the wall so we will be connected to the world. We'll see.

That, however, is not our problem. You see we are trying to decide if we should stay with cable or get satellite. We took a survey on our walk this morning, of all the houses in our neighborhood that have dish contraptions in their back yard. It was overwhelming. I never knew there were so many around. But is that enough to prove it is best? I'm not so sure. We are investigating and researching the best we can. We just aren't sure! So, I thought I would post a blog and see what you all thought. Which is best in your opinion and from your experience? Just wondering!

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Jen Barney said...

i have had the sat & hated it! everytime the weather went bad, we knew it. we have fios now and love it. it's very basic, we don't have all the fancy stuff you can get with it... i think sarah has a dish or sat or something like it. ask her what her thoughts are.