Sunday, January 27, 2008

Top Book Picks

Another cold winter day in northern Indiana. Darrell is visiting family in Utah for the long weekend. I am alone with just the kids: Murphy, Nickey and Oliver. They are all curled up asleep in various places around the house. I know IU plays this afternoon and I will probably turn it on just to see how they are doing. But the majority of my day will be spent quietly curled up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate...reading! It is quiet. It is warm inside. The books are piled high beside me. As I was thinking of what all I would get read today, I noticed the local paper had a list of favorite book picks from the area libraries and book stores. I began thinking of all my book picks. We just had our Book Club last Monday night and now have a new book I can't wait to get and begin reading. We talked about books most of the night...between personal conversation. So, in this Sunday Message I am going to give you MY TOP PICKS. It is for a variety of age levels. They are books I have read lately and loved, besides books I WANT to read and have in a pile by my bed. So here it goes:

A Kiss Goodbye--Audrey Penn...just got this book from my good friend Lou Ann Homan-Saylor. Audrey is a friend of hers and she signed it for me!
Cherries & Cherry Pits--Vera B. her other books and this one will be great for craft lessons in writing workshop, too!
Tacky the Penguin...Helen Lester...I think my friend and book expert, Mary Helen, already told me about this one, but I just read it and love it.
Dear Fish---Chris Gall...I have used this at every grade level for comprehension, letter writing and just sharing. It is awesome!
If You Were A Writer...Joan Lowery Nixon...good way to get kids to write...I am going to use it for fiction writing mini lessons
Love,---Jerry Spinelli...if you read Stargirl, you will love this one, too!
Buford High-The Bully---Paul Langan...just started this but it is great for teens
100 Days & 99 Nights--Alan Madison....child whose father is in the army and away from home...I think it will be a good read aloud
After Tupac & D Foster---Jacqueline Woodson...what more do I have to say!?
That Workshop Book---Samantha mentor book club is reading this. I love the fresh, new way she is writing
Talking, Drawing, Writing--Martha Horn & Mary Ellen Giacobbi...great for those young writers. A way to start in Kindergarten.
Second Grade Writers-Stephanie Parsons....Can't wait to read this. Loved First Grade Writers, so I know I will love this!
Already Ready--Katie Wood Ray & Matt Glover...been waiting for this forever. Love Katie, Love Matt...we need this book!
Eat, Pray, Love--Elizabeth Gilbert...our new book club book!
Three Cups of Tea--Greg Mortenson & David Oliver Relin...runner up for book club book...Sarah says it is awesome!
Love in the Time of Cholera--Gabriel Garcia Marquez..Oprah book...Julia says it is tough but good
Kite Runner--Khaled of my all time favorites
A Thousand Splendid Suns--Khaled Hosseini...even better than Kite Runner
Kabul Beauty School--Deborah Rodriquez...just saw it listed, looks great
What am I reading right now? A book by James Patterson--The 6th Target. Darrell has been devouring Patterson books and I need to catch up. It is light and fun. Something I need a little of in my life right now. What are you reading on these cold winter nights????


Susan said...

I love James Patterson. This is a great list!

I enjoyed both Kite Runner and Splendid Suns last year. And Three Cups of Tea is on my nightstand waiting.

It sounds like you have a lot of books to be reading at once. Juggling them is the challenge, isn't it? I just picked up the new Ellin Keene book, To Understand and can't wait to dig into it!

Annie said...

Hi Kathy,
Thought I would comment on your books choices. I read Beauty School in Kabul last year and really enjoyed it. She is not a writer, but the story is fascinating. Have enjoyed Lisa See with her books Peony in Love and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. Checked out The Other Bolyn Girl last week before a long flight to a murder week end..could hardly put it down. Bought the sequel at the Raleigh Airport! I think I jump around from reading and writing and guitar playing and bread baking and working between the storms. It actually has been a charming week end. When are we having lunch!! Lots of love, Lou Ann