Monday, January 7, 2008

One Little Word

Today was our first day back at school. It was so hard to get up early: 5:00 a.m. and then walk in the dark the two miles we promise to walk. I made it down I69 to Fort Wayne without any trouble. The weather was fine. Soon, I was back in the groove of contacting teachers, answering emails and running of papers for the day.
I did get an interesting email. Jen, a fourth grade teacher friend, said she gave her cherubs the assignment of coming up with One Little Word. They will be doing things with that word and taking it further, but for me, I thought WOW, I want to do that.
So, I got busy and thought about it. Here's what I came up with: FLEXIBILITY! I heard so many teachers today talk about how they had to change plans, or work with kids differently. I also was thinking of how coming back to school reminded me of how busy I am each day. Teachers get schedules changed, so I have to change. Teachers ask for something that just came to mind, so I change. Kids show in their work where they need to go next and it is not where I was planning on taking them, so I have to change. That is called FLEXIBILITY!
Now, that I have me word, I have to go back to Jen and see where I go next with this! I'm just happy to have a word to focus on right now!


Jen Barney said...

love the word... now write that word down and talk about how this word will help you grow as a person, educator, wife, etc. keep this word with you.... ali edwards, the first link on my blog sites give really cool ways to keep this word with you. she has gotten a necklace of it. i made an acryclic painting of my word.
it keeps you going, it makes you grow, it becomes who you are.
good luck and can't wait to hear posts about your word!

Sarah Amick said...

My word for the year is vision. Last year it was the word optimism. You will find that with whatever you are doing that you will see the word "flexibility" somewhere!

Ingrid said...

I can see that I'm-a-gonna-have-to find a bloody word. I'm groggy right now, so whatever word I come up with will be sarcastic. I'll blog about the word I come up with, but you hogs took some good ones--and I say hogs with all the affection in the world!! ;)Wait, I'll bet Ali Edwards might be o.k. if we share words if necessary...maybe I'll have to check her site. For now, good night....zzzzzzz......