Friday, January 4, 2008

The Snow, Murphy and Me

The days have been cold and windy, but those are the types of days Murphy loves best. So, being the good doggy-parents we are, we took him for his favorite walk. We trudged through snow and ice at the back of our housing addition. He ran ahead and sniffed and pawed as he enjoyed the white stuff. We were bundled up so much it was hard to get the camera out of my pocket to take a picture. As we got to the end of the mile walk, he began to slow down and walk behind us. We would walk for a while and then turn around to be sure he was still there. It can't be too cold for this old boy. He loves rolling in the snow and comes in looking like an ice dog. We rub him off with towels and let him loose to shake the final bits of snow from his heavy coat. This is the part of winter I love...taking Murphy for long, snowy walks!


Jen Barney said...

Sadie loves the snow too!
Faith not so much..

Now Kathy, would you even have to ask if S. and I would help you ladies with your blog... OF COURSE we will help. Let us know when ( don't you love that i just put S. in the mix?!?!)

See you soon- jb

Sarah Amick said...

I think that my favorite walking is done in the dead of winter, when most people wouldn't think of walking out doors. Love your old friend Murphy. I think that getting him out to walk in the snow is the best medicine for his old body. LOve the pics!
Is S. me? What do you need help with? I would love to help as I would feel as if I were giving back to you in some way when you have given so much to me!