Monday, January 14, 2013

What Are You Reading?

 Again today I will be talking about two books from different genres. The books are choices for mentor text in the genre your students are writing this month. The first book is Can I Have a Stegosaurus, Mom? by Lois G. Grambling. This is great for second graders writing opinion pieces. The little boy wants the perfect pet...a stegasaurus. The outlandish fantasy gives reasons why he should have this pet. Since we want our students to be sure to give reasons and back up their reasons with stories, this is the book to share with them. The book has an extra bonus with the surprise ending!  It is another craft move for these budding authors to add to their collection.
For the historical fiction mentor text, I have chosen one by one of my favorite authors. Barb Olenyik Morrow lives in my hometown of Auburn, IN and is a friend. I have heard her tales of doing research for this book and the passion she has for the subject. A bonus would be to actually have her come to your school and tell about how she did the research.

The book is A Good Night for Freedom and is based on historical events. The book takes you to Indiana and the Levi Coffin home. There, two runaway slaves, young girls, are taking refuge. It is a stop on the Underground Railroad. Hallie, who is the same age as the runaways, accidently sees the girls in her aunt's basement. Now it is up to her to keep quiet or obey the law and tell what she knows. The craft move of keeping the readers on "the edge of their seats" is used in this book, too. 

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