Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Day at Gramma Preschool

Our curriculum in Gramma preschool consists of: Reading, Writing, Math, Science and a Snack!  For only a couple hours, this is a full morning! We are now in our fifth month of preschool, so we are developing skills in making choices. Since Meron only comes twice a month, we need to increase our rigor in a timely manner.

Meron made the choice for our agenda for the day.  It would consist of Reading, Snack, Science, Writing, and then Math.  In each area she had choices to make. For reading she started off with various books about winter. Her favorite was: Snowmen at Night.  I did a read-aloud and we discussed the emotions of the snowmen. She was able to take that book home for her "library" book.
Next came snack time. She made "ants on a log". We made a list of the steps to make this snack and she took some home to make for her family.
After the snack came science. She learned she had to investigate. After opening her Science Box, she found an old shell.  Her question was: What kind of shell is this? She used her magnifying glass and her senses to come up with the answer.  It was a turtle shell.
Next came writing time.  She decided to write a book about playing air hockey with her brother. She told the story first and planned each page. Then she drew the picture on one page and added the words. She decided to give the book to her brother when she got home!
Last of all, was math time. We played a math game and then she had to do some sorting. She sorted the toy by colors. Then we talked about which color had more...without counting, what did she think? Then we talked about which color had fewer. Counting came last.
We had a great day. Meron learned lots and was great at making choices.  Dave was very tired at the end of the morning!

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