Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Preschool With Meron

This week at Gramma Preschool, Meron was learning about "How-to" books. We read several and then she wrote one herself. She also wrote in her Science Notebook about the sunflower that we had picked last fall. This time we looked at the seeds that came off of it and also how the parts had dried. Meron loves working on the ipad, so she was able to do some math and reading on that, too.  Here are pictures of our day:
First, we make an agenda. She then picks the order she wants to do things.  After she finishes one thing, she checks it off the board.
Here she is writing in her Science Journal. We talked about the dried sunflower and discussed the different parts. Then she drew the sunflower in her journal and labeled the parts.
She loves the big books. This is one that we have been reading all year. She now can read it herself. Dave loves to listen to her stories!
Working on the iPad is her favorite thing to do. We do this after all the other areas have been covered. She now is working at the Teach Me Kindergarten level.
Oh, yes...we had Snack Time, too.  Here she is with one of the cookies she frosted and decorated for Valentine's Day. She got to take a bunch of them home to her family.

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