Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Monday--Another Christmas Read-Aloud

Today's Read-Aloud suggestion is a book by a favorite author...Jan Brett. The book is also familiar to many: The Wild Christmas Reindeer.  Not only is the story one with a lesson, but the pictures are true "Jan Brett" with her special side illustrations to go along with each page.
Teeka is in charge of getting the reindeer ready for their big ride of the year. The only thing is, they will not cooperate. So Teeka does what so many of us do...she yelled at them. Day after day she tried and tried to get them to work together, but her attitude just was not helping.

Finally, she realized that their not cooperating was her fault. She promised no more yelling, no screaming, no bossing. A great lesson in how our attitudes and words affect others. 

Don't forget to take time to share the pictures, too!

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