Friday, December 7, 2012

Have You Tried a Book Trailer?

That's my question today...Have you tried a book trailer? I just learned about them this year, so I thought maybe, just maybe there were other busy teachers out there who also wanted to know more about book trailers.  Trailers for movies are very popular. You see them on T.V. You see them when you go to a show before the actual movie comes on. Yes, it is an advertisement, but why not advertise books?

I have seen teachers use these trailers to get kids interested in the next read aloud they would be introducing. The trailers are called "teases" to grab the children who might be reluctant readers. Or the trailers could be just to see what a book is about before taking it to read and finding out it isn't what you thought!  Today, as I was researching sites for this blog, I came across a trailer for the book: The Year of Goodbyes by Debbie Levy. I watched the trailer and made a note to check out that book!  Students could do the same thing!

Here are a few sites that I found easy to use and with books that I would use with children...

The first one is from the children's book guild.  It is very easy to use. This is where I found the book I am interested in purchasing. Take a few minutes to check it out. The trailers are short and appealing to young readers.

Another one that I like is called story line online.  On this site, the book is actually read to the young students. I listened to one read by Betty White. That might not be as interesting to young children as it was to me, but she does a wonderful job! There are many books for the young reader on this site.

The last site I would recommend is book trailers for readers.  These trailers are very short, less than a minute. They give a tease and not a lot of information. They are cute and short. The one I listened to was Guinea Dog. A very cute book about a boy who wants a dog, but gets a guinea pig instead. The animal turns out to be more like a dog than you would think. Looks like a good one.
Okay, I better not spend too much time looking up these sites...I will be living at the library or buying too many books. I think I need to revise my Christmas list!

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