Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Sometimes as I sit in front of the computer I wonder what my story is for today. What do I really have to tell that makes any difference. That's what I was thinking today as I visited two of my four schools that I am assigned to for the summer.

Then I thought of D and K who are English Second Language learners. They were telling me the story of them playing soccer in the afternoon. D would kick the ball and K would catch it. Then K would kick the ball and D would catch it. They drew the pictures and then wrote two sentences on the two sheets of paper. To add details, they added a sun and then wrote: It was a sunny day. They had a story. They really did have a story!

And, I thought of Maria who told the story of going on a field trip to the zoo with her class last spring. She and her partner had sack lunches. They loved the monkeys best because they would run and fight with each other and made her laugh. She had a story She really did have a story!

Then there was Lauren who wanted to tell a story to share with her last year's teacher, Mrs. A. She wanted to share the story about going camping with her family and playing in the sand and sleeping in a camper. She had a story. She really did have a story!

And, I can't forget the teacher who told me about the boy in her class who has trouble writing but when he shares what only he can read, it keeps the rest of the class on the edge of their seats. The class sits breathless when that child shares his story...because he has a story. He really does have a story.

So, when I sit today in front of the computer, I think what is my story? My story is helping those teachers to get the stories of all these children out in the world. My story is to help them give those children the tools they need to tell those stories. Because I have a story. I really do have a story.

What is your story?

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