Thursday, June 11, 2009


Today I tried something different. A principal friend of mine who lives in Atlanta, home of the Peachtree, invited me to join some educators for a Webcast with Aimee Buckner. That sounded exciting to me, but a little scary. I had never done that alone...only with my colleagues. Still, I am in the process of reading Aimee's latest book: Notebook Connections AND she is going to be presenting at the All Write!!! Summer Institute in a few weeks.

I took the challenge. I clicked on the link, dialed my phone and there was Aimee, well, really a picture of Aimee. It was a thrill to hear her talk about her book while I thumbed through it to the pages she discribed. I underlined and highlighted things I had already read, but now it seemed more real with the actual author talking about it.

I am even more excited to finish the book. I am even more excited to get to meet her in person in just a few weeks. So, for a rainy, dreary Thursday I got to speed away to another place and listen to one of my favorite authors. Hey, Aimee, I am a FAN!!!

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