Sunday, February 22, 2009


The day started as any other Sunday, with me rushing to make it to church in time. I am so lucky to have someone always saving a seat for me. Even now that my best buddy, Grant, is off visiting family in Florida, I have someone who stepped up to the plate and is keeping a seat with a bulletin on it for me each week. Whew!

After church and Sunday School class, I came home to begin my schedule of all clear liquids today. That may not sound too bad, but believe me, chicken broth and jello is not my idea of Sunday dinner. Now that 5:00 has come, I have to take the dreaded Prep! Every 10 - 15 minutes in comes the Big D with an 8 oz. glass of cherry flavored goop. Don't let the cherry flavor thing fool is not good. It is like salt water with cherry added. No kidding! I chug it down because it is overwith sooner that way.

Tomorrow morning after all the adventures of what that liquid is supposed to bring about, I will enter DeKalb Memorial for a colonoscopy at 9:00 a.m. That is the EASY part. They strap me down with a line that comes from a bag of clear liquid (not again!). That seeps into my veins and then they add the meds that send me off to dream land. Well, I guess only part way because they can still talk to me and I do respond...or so they say. When I feel that stuff begin to hit, I simply close my eyes and blank out. Usually that is the last thing I remember until I get to hit Steak 'N Shake. That is the only GOOD part of the whole ordeal.

After a day of being uncomfortable I can get on those scales and see a much lower weight than I have had in ages. The problem is that chocolate shake afterwards. If I could only by pass that. Oh, shucks, that is the only thing I have to look forward to right now. Uh, oh, here comes the Big D again.

Hope your Sunday is better than mine!!!


Camille said...

I AM SO SORRY you had to drink that junk!!!! I've learned about it in school and Justin had a colonoscopy a few years back....NOT FUN doesn't even begin to touch how horrible it is! Not the procedure itself, the prep is the WORST! ugh. I hope it all went well and you're getting back to 'normal'. :)

Kelli said...

Good Luck! I hope everything goes well.