Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Elementary Literacy Framework

Today was E.L.F. training. No, not like in Santa's Elves. That is what we call the literacy framework for our Elementary schools. We have training for new teachers or new teachers to their grade level several times throughout the year. There are two groups of them:K-2 & 3-5.

During the 3-5 session, the teachers were asked to take some time to write. They wrote about some emotion they had experieced this last week. After they wrote they did a small share with their groups. Then all 50+ got into a huge circle and shared just one line from their writing. I was shocked to hear how many of the lines were about the frustration the teachers were feeling. They told of feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and just plain tired.

Teachers do have so much on their plates. They not only teach each day, but then there is the testing, data to analyze, and meeting to attend. Their schedules are bursting. I sat there listening to them share and realized how much they all put into their lives. They continue to do everything asked of them and do it with a smile and kind word for each student. I am honored to be working with such dedicated individuals.

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