Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Here's my Slice of Life for the week. Since Murphy is getting older, spending time with him is precious. This is the picture we are using on our Christmas cards this year. I think I should have titled it: Peace on Earth!

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GirlGriot said...

Murphy is beautiful, and such a noble pose!

My sister brought her aging, newly-deaf cat with her to Thanksgiving because the cat needs somewhat constant care. In all the years I've known her (the cat), I've never been able to get close to her, but suddenly this year, she was affectionate and allowed me to spend quite a lot of time petting and playing with her. We couldn't figure out what had brought on the change and thought maybe it was her loss of hearing. Whatever the cause, it was really nice to have her with us. There's something very dear about a very, very old pet. (And a bit of a shocking change from the over-the-top energy of my 18-month-old kitten boys!)