Monday, December 15, 2008


We had weather warnings, but we traveled to Wawasee High School anyway. We were on a mission to hear Penny Kittle talk about writing with students. What an inspiring day!

She shared George Ella Lyon's poem and then we wrote our version of it. Here is what I wrote this morning:

I'm from growing up in the country on a very small farm with ponies and rabbits and chickens.

I'm from going to church every Sunday morning, evening and Wednesday nights.

I'm from riding my shetland pony on the road to my friend's house who also had a pony.

I'm from making my bed every morning, doing the dishes every night and cleaning the house on Saturday mornings.

I'm from spending hours in the small town library sitting in the corner reading teen romances.

I'm from listening to Yankee baseball games with my dad and talking about the players and scores when I'd miss a game.

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Annie said...

I rememnber when I met George Ella Lyons. I didn't know that she was a woman and I thought she was filling in for...a husband??? She was lovely, I love her work. My personal favorite, Come a Tide!
Lou An