Sunday, November 30, 2008


We were all ready for the company. The turkey smell was in the air, the table looked beautiful, we could hardly wait for our company to arrive.

Murphy sat by the door waiting. He had no idea who was coming, but he knew it would be someone to play with for at least a little while. He sat there all morning, just waiting for people to come up to the door.

It wasn't long before Aunt Kris, Uncle Darrell and their dog, Reggie got here from Indianapolis. Oliver thought Reggie brought his bed just for him to stay in all day. He was very upset when Reggie took it home with him. Todd and Beth were with us for part of the day, too. Officer Garman was on duty that day, so they didn't get to stay too long.
On Friday we took a trip to Toledo, Ohio, to do some Christmas shopping. We ended up just window shopping, but we got lots of ideas. While we were there, Glen Beck was signing books at a local bookstore. We didn't wait in line for him, but we did get a peek at him and saw his bus.

Oliver was all tired out and even fell asleep while reading. Well, really his dad was reading and Oliver decided he wanted to try it, too. I think this is a perfect picture of how we are feeling about now after a great holiday weekend!


Soren said...

Sounds like you had a great holiday! That's cool that you saw Glenn Beck. We had thought about going, but I knew the lines would be LONG.

ourfamily said...

Great to hear that your Thanksgiving weekend was fabulous! I loved the pictures of animals...and the captions to go along!