Thursday, November 20, 2008


On November 21st, Shelby will turn seven. We went to her house to celebrate last Sunday. She picked out a dolphin cake. It was half chocolate and half vanilla. Great choice!

She had no trouble blowing out the candles. Looks like baby Audrey wants to get in there and practice how do to this blowing thing!
The interesting thing was that Buddy, the dog, had a birthday, too. He got one candle on the cake, but didn't try to blow it out...Shelby did it for him. He did get to open a gift, though. It was some pup corn. Shelby tried it out and informed us it tasted like dog biscuits! Imagine that!
We got Shelby a Glow Board to keep her busy. We also got her two books. That is what happens when your grandma is a teacher!

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Kelli said...

The kids are looking so grown up. My nieces, nephews, neighbors, and kids always get books from me too. I just can't help it.