Saturday, July 28, 2007

A New Roxaboxen

My Roxaboxen has changed. I've only had it for about two months and it has changed. I can't really complain. After all it really isn't "mine". I just thought it was. It may just have become someone else's Roxaboxen. You see, I first figured out that it had changed when I saw scooters and bikes parked along side the road and no kids around to be seen. The next clue was when a mother driving a big SUV came bumping over the unpaved road where only construction vehicles travel. She stopped, yelled and then was seen herding about three eight and nine year old boys up from Roxaboxen. I know she had no idea that she had just routed them from this magical place. She was only concerned that there was a pond there and the boys were playing too close with no supervision. As a mother of a grown "boy", I can understand her concern. Still, it WAS Roxaboxen. Now, in place of my imaginary house with the big patio door overlooking the pond and the doorway leading out into the woods, there are many pieces of plywood standing on end. These have become paintball targets. This Roxaboxen is much different from mine. I secretly am glad, however, that these boys have discovered it and are using it to spend the last of their summer days. Memories are made in so many different ways!

Friday, July 20, 2007


The poem I am posting today is from the book: His Voice by Gene Michael. Gene is my oldest cousin and loves to write poetry mostly for the family, but has also done things for special occasions. This poem is written about him visiting the farm where our grandparents lived. I was too young to remember this time, because they had moved into town by the time I was born. I still love to read the poem and visualize what it must have been like!

Grandma's Place
by G.E.Michael
I remember the first visit there,
Excited as a child could be.
Fresh cut clover was in the air,
And new adventures and places to see.
Each morning I would awake,
Hearing the sounds of birds as they sing,
And smell the fresh air like a spring-fed lake.
Everything was so crisp and each sound like a bell would ring.
The days moved quickly, each and everyone,
Savoring each and every moment,
Remembering the good times and all the fun.
Those days I spent each summer, the days so warm,
Will be remembered for a lifetime, and then some.
Oh, how I looked forward to the time on the farm,
For it was grandma's place that all this was done.
What memories I have of the days gone by,
Of all those summers I spent there under the sun.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Weddings

The weddings are over and we are trying to recover from having two children get married within seven days of each other in totally separate parts of the country. They both were wonderful in their own ways. Todd & Beth got married in Gatlinburg in a tiny chapel in the mountains. Jay & Angie got married in Indiana in a large church wedding.

Todd and Beth had only a few guests, mostly family. They then had a catered dinner back at the cabin with everyone changed into comfy clothes. We did take pictures there with a gorgeous mountain backdrop. The trip to the top of the mountain had me hiding my face in my hands for fear we'd drop off the side.

Jay and Angie had loads of guests both friends and family. The ceremony was performed by an old friend of mine from my hometown. The reception was at a big hall with a local D.J in charge. We had a buffet supper with a darling wedding cake. We danced and danced all night. I even got Todd to dance with his mommy! What fun!

Now that the weddings are over, I can finally experience summer and relaxing. We do have a few weeks left, don't we?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Birthday, Lester!

Today is Lester Laminack's birthday. I remember that he told us the date at our summer institute. On this day, I'd just like to first of all wish him the best birthday ever. Second, I'd like to thank him for all the wonderful stuff he does for teachers. Third, I want to thank him for all the children that he helps through those teachers.

I just came back from Atlanta and got to visit a school and principal there. She also talked about how great Lester is and what an impact he has on teachers and students. So from northern Indiana to the south in Atlanta, Lester, you are loved! Keep up the great work and the great work of being yourself. We love you just the way you are!

Check out Lester's website:

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We drove into Gatlinburg through the Smokey Mountain National Park. The road meandered through paths that felt like the end of the world with their cliff-hanging passageways. There were times where I had to close my eyes and pray we would make it without falling off the sides. Cars went slowly up the steep sides of the mountains bumper to bumper. Still I was frightened.

The city of Gatlinburg was filled with tourists for this July 4th weekend. Yes, and it was 07-07-07 and many, like my son and his bride, were planning on having that date as their wedding day. We spent the first few hours of the our trip walking the streets of the village. It was packed with people walking the street, up and back, up and back the narrow main passage of town. It was filled with places to eat: pancakes, flapjacks, ice cream. It was filled with shops to buy: t-shirts, Thomas Kincaid pictures, hats. Then there was the entertainers. They had cloggers, minstrels, singers on every corner. Crowds would stop and stand or sit and just watch and listen as they did their best to keep us interested in their craft. The air was hot, but not sticky or humid. It was, in an odd way, relaxing to simply walk the street up and back, up and back over and over again.

The day of the wedding was bright and beautiful just as any mother would want her son's wedding to be. We traveled with his aunt and uncle to the tip top of a mountain where we found a darling little chapel...and Todd. He looked so handsome in his tux with the lime green vest and tie. We entered the chapel and took seats on hard stiff benches with backs that left no room to slouch. Soon the groom, best man and little 8-year old Kiann entered in their tuxes and stood beside the preacher. From the back of the tiny chapel the music from a CD flowed into the room. The traditional Here Comes The Bride. First came Beth's niece in a dress that would match her aunt's. Then came the sister of the bride in a beautiful lime green dress that flowed as she carried her bunch of peach roses. Then came Beth escorted by her mother. She looked awesome in her dress with lime green accents. The ceremony was the shortest I have ever seen, but all the necessary components were there. After the preacher pronounced them husband and wife and Todd and I wiped our eyes, they walked down the aisle together.

Pictures were taken and the couple invited us all back to the mountain cabin for a catered meal. The cabin was breath-taking in the lovely mountain scenery. We took pictures of them there also. Everything went well and the rain even held off.

If you want to see pictures, just ask! I already have mine developed!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sounds and Thoughts of the Peachtree Race

Sounds and Thoughts of Peachtree
by Kathy Douglas
Good morning, Atlanta!
Stretching: sides, back, touch the toes.
Up at 5:30 to catch MARTA
People everywhere
Number group 30,000-39,000
55,000 runners on a cool
July morning.
We're moving
Her we go
I'm so thankful I can do this.
Walkers move to the right.
Thank you, Volunteers.
Watch out for the barriers.
"It's as far to run a 10 minute mile
as it is to run a 6 minute mile."
Matadors dressed in white
Running from Styrofoam bull
So much Red, White, and Blue
Thanks, Volunteers, we
couldn't do it without you.
Here comes Heartbreak Hill,
Music, music everywhere
Bands, D.J.'s, boom boxes.
Go Runners, you can do it
How far is it?
Have you seen a t-shirt yet?
You're almost there.
Look at that hill!
Watch out for those girls,
They'll knock you down.
Another water stop ahead,
Here comes the cameras
Only .2 left
There comes Piedmont Park
The Finish Line, The Finish Line,
The Finish Line!
There's the water
We did great.
Look at the t-shirts: nice color!
Hey, FREE Coke
Free Power aide
Free Health bars!
Thanks, Atlanta, for another
Wonderful 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

We're Not Old

Since I am at Atlanta and ran the Peachtree 10K this morning, I thought it only appropriate to do a reflection. Tonight at supper my husband said to me, "We are NOT old!" That got me thinking of a poem. Here it is:

We're NOT Old!
by Kathy Douglas
Run the Peachtree 10K
We're not getting old!
Walk back two miles to MARTA
We're not getting old!
Walk from the Varsity: 2 miles
We're not getting old!
Hey, Sarah, look
No flabby arms!
We're NOT getting old!
Tomorrow I will post another poem all about the Peachtree Race. Atlanta is not as hot as usual and we are having a great time.