Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Weddings

The weddings are over and we are trying to recover from having two children get married within seven days of each other in totally separate parts of the country. They both were wonderful in their own ways. Todd & Beth got married in Gatlinburg in a tiny chapel in the mountains. Jay & Angie got married in Indiana in a large church wedding.

Todd and Beth had only a few guests, mostly family. They then had a catered dinner back at the cabin with everyone changed into comfy clothes. We did take pictures there with a gorgeous mountain backdrop. The trip to the top of the mountain had me hiding my face in my hands for fear we'd drop off the side.

Jay and Angie had loads of guests both friends and family. The ceremony was performed by an old friend of mine from my hometown. The reception was at a big hall with a local D.J in charge. We had a buffet supper with a darling wedding cake. We danced and danced all night. I even got Todd to dance with his mommy! What fun!

Now that the weddings are over, I can finally experience summer and relaxing. We do have a few weeks left, don't we?


Jen Barney said...

Oh- the pics are great! You look great! Relax you deserve it!

Sarah Amick said...

How did you survive? What an emotional outpour this summer! Did you just stay in the moment during the seven days between or did you have a let down period. There is such a buzz buzz of time when there is a wedding! Glad you made it through.
Are you still working out like a mad woman?