Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We drove into Gatlinburg through the Smokey Mountain National Park. The road meandered through paths that felt like the end of the world with their cliff-hanging passageways. There were times where I had to close my eyes and pray we would make it without falling off the sides. Cars went slowly up the steep sides of the mountains bumper to bumper. Still I was frightened.

The city of Gatlinburg was filled with tourists for this July 4th weekend. Yes, and it was 07-07-07 and many, like my son and his bride, were planning on having that date as their wedding day. We spent the first few hours of the our trip walking the streets of the village. It was packed with people walking the street, up and back, up and back the narrow main passage of town. It was filled with places to eat: pancakes, flapjacks, ice cream. It was filled with shops to buy: t-shirts, Thomas Kincaid pictures, hats. Then there was the entertainers. They had cloggers, minstrels, singers on every corner. Crowds would stop and stand or sit and just watch and listen as they did their best to keep us interested in their craft. The air was hot, but not sticky or humid. It was, in an odd way, relaxing to simply walk the street up and back, up and back over and over again.

The day of the wedding was bright and beautiful just as any mother would want her son's wedding to be. We traveled with his aunt and uncle to the tip top of a mountain where we found a darling little chapel...and Todd. He looked so handsome in his tux with the lime green vest and tie. We entered the chapel and took seats on hard stiff benches with backs that left no room to slouch. Soon the groom, best man and little 8-year old Kiann entered in their tuxes and stood beside the preacher. From the back of the tiny chapel the music from a CD flowed into the room. The traditional Here Comes The Bride. First came Beth's niece in a dress that would match her aunt's. Then came the sister of the bride in a beautiful lime green dress that flowed as she carried her bunch of peach roses. Then came Beth escorted by her mother. She looked awesome in her dress with lime green accents. The ceremony was the shortest I have ever seen, but all the necessary components were there. After the preacher pronounced them husband and wife and Todd and I wiped our eyes, they walked down the aisle together.

Pictures were taken and the couple invited us all back to the mountain cabin for a catered meal. The cabin was breath-taking in the lovely mountain scenery. We took pictures of them there also. Everything went well and the rain even held off.

If you want to see pictures, just ask! I already have mine developed!


Jen Barney said...

ohhh Kathy, how romantic and wonderful. I would love to see the pics-

Sarah Amick said...

Sounds lovely! I too want to see some pictures. Hey, I am all up for the road trip to Auburn if everybody else is!. I'll bring a watermelon!!!