Friday, July 20, 2007


The poem I am posting today is from the book: His Voice by Gene Michael. Gene is my oldest cousin and loves to write poetry mostly for the family, but has also done things for special occasions. This poem is written about him visiting the farm where our grandparents lived. I was too young to remember this time, because they had moved into town by the time I was born. I still love to read the poem and visualize what it must have been like!

Grandma's Place
by G.E.Michael
I remember the first visit there,
Excited as a child could be.
Fresh cut clover was in the air,
And new adventures and places to see.
Each morning I would awake,
Hearing the sounds of birds as they sing,
And smell the fresh air like a spring-fed lake.
Everything was so crisp and each sound like a bell would ring.
The days moved quickly, each and everyone,
Savoring each and every moment,
Remembering the good times and all the fun.
Those days I spent each summer, the days so warm,
Will be remembered for a lifetime, and then some.
Oh, how I looked forward to the time on the farm,
For it was grandma's place that all this was done.
What memories I have of the days gone by,
Of all those summers I spent there under the sun.

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