Sunday, December 9, 2007

Can you spell that?

I promised you more stories. I will give you one. For the other one I was going to tell you, go to my friend Sarah's blog. The story I will tell here, is again about a kindergarten class. It was the same day that the Bradley story happened.

The kiddos were writing their stories. I had been circulating around the room. I stopped to work with Jessica. She is a tiny, blond cherub with expressive blue eyes. As she was putting her words to her story, she stopped and looked up at me.

"How do I spell we?" she asked.
"Can you find it on your word wall?" I asked her. She wasn't sure where to look.

Just then a little girl from the table behind her spoke up confidently. "I know how to spell it!" she announced.

"You do? Then go ahead and help Jessica," I encouraged her. She moved over to be close to Jessica and proceeded to give her all the help she could.

"Jessica, you spell it like this: w-i-i!"

Then the little girl moved on to her table. I guess the techological age is here!

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