Sunday, April 18, 2010


Our Spring Break was wonderful. We can't wait until next year when we can do it all over again. Then I thought about the one part of Spring Break that I forgot. DAVE! As everyone knows, he is a big part of our lives. Being just a puppy, we wanted to make sure we did the best thing we could for him concerning Spring Break. We had planned to let him go to Sarah's house like we always did with Murphy. However, Dave had not ever been to Sarah's house and she had a busy weekend with Easter. So, we began looking at lodgings. It was late when we started the process and we were very picky about where our baby would stay.

Finally, The Big D came up with the idea of having someone stay here with him. He had a few suggestions and made a call. It worked out great! Molly came to visit before actually agreeing to stay with our little monster. She was wonderful. She started correcting him right away, but showed him lots of attention. When we got ready to leave she was right here to go over last minute directions. Dave thought she was great. As you can see from the picture we took right before we left, he LOVES Molly!!!

Thanks, Molly, for making Dave's First Spring Break great for him!

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