Friday, February 15, 2013

Preparing For The State Test By Using Specific Nouns

As we are thinking of the state testing that is coming soon, one of the ways to help students earn the best score possible, is to use specific nouns in their writing piece.  Following is a lesson plan that I have used to introduce this skill to the students. Help them to realize that all writers use certain skills to help their readers visualize what is happening in their stories.
Using Specific Nouns
Materials: any book that uses specific nouns OR your own work
 Whenever we read books it helps if the author has painted a picture in our minds.  We call this visualization.  As writers we want to do the same thing.  Today we are going to learn how authors do that.  We are going to learn about making our writing more specific.
I am going to show you a section from the book Saturdays and Teacakes by Lester Laminack.  Lester really paints a picture in his book.  I will just read one page of that book.  Read the page with lots of specific nouns.
 Turn and talk to your partner about what nouns you heard in the story.
Let’s make a list of those nouns on chart paper.  List the nouns that the partners have found.  Help them with suggestions if they need more.
Think about the story you are writing or the story you are planning to write.  How could you add specific nouns?  Turn and talk to your partner about some ways you could add specific nouns.
When you go back to write today, look over what you have written or look at your plan.  Put a star by where you can add more specific nouns.  If you have already drafted your piece, go to another paper and rewrite the piece using more specific nouns.  When you do, you can put that in your piece by adding a star in your draft.
 If you add some specific nouns, we will have you share what you added today at Share Time.


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