Monday, July 27, 2009


Looking at the blog of: Two Writing Teachers, I found a prompt that I could write from today. It is: Today I...

Today I finally had a day to myself, a day with no other commitments. I made it an exercise day. Something I just never get time enough to do this summer.

I started out the day on the elliptical and bettered my time by a few seconds...just getting a better time is remarkable.

Then I walked the two miles around the addition. I had to stop and turn on the neighbor's pool while they are on vacation.

After that I worked on my 10 hour project and now only have two hours to go until I am finished.

Sarah called early and wanted to walk before noon. So, I postponed lunch and took off for her house. It was great doing our four miles earlier in the day.

I had some pool/reading time and even did a few laps in the hot sun. That really is something I haven't done lately.

After supper The Big D and I hit the road again and did the two mile loop around the addition. This time we turned off the pool!

Now I am ready to hit the basement to do some Hip Hop Ab videos.

Man, maybe I am glad I don't have time to do this EVERY day!!!

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our family said...

It sounds like you had a remarkable day! I'm sure you felt wonderful for taking the day to do what YOU wanted to do! Good for you!